Your time is precious, your financial life is critical to sustain level of quality life, your lifestyle is important as it affects your health and happiness, and your hard-earned money is even more important. That's why I can't let you invest your money in Forex without scientifically measurable, stats-backed, and methodically tested Forex trading method, no more being willy-nilly delusional "hope" trading, no more playing "where-is-Waldo" endless foggy chart analysis, no more collecting free tactics and tools and signals without real results, and no more endlessly chasing holy grail in scammy industry on planet Internet.

The world's most methodically tested, simple and practical rule-based systematic Forex strategy to get started in making money online in Forex financial market without high learning curve or months to wait before making real money trading using 5 mins "Sunday Gap VPP strategy" resulted from 100 optimization tests.

-Simple practical trading system from entry to exit with positioning
-When to enter and exit positions
-Where to put your stop-losses and profit targets that are backtested for poven results
-The precise rules and definitions for the most well-known trading patterns
-The exact filter to use which has been shown to reduce the drawdown by 100% from 2008 to 2016
-Consistently earn above-average returns using a simple, low-risk, proven strategy

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