Don’t be fooled into believing that day trading is a get-rich-quick activity; those who offer you humongous returns for your investment are very likely trying to make you part with your money for their, not your interest! If you are considering day trading as a profession, though, but you have been put off by the scams reported in the media, you should not be discouraged! Day trading can, in fact, be a profitable profession, but you need to do it in a knowledgeable, informed and wise way.

If you want to learn the secrets of how to make day trading into a scientific, profitable activity, or even your full time job, Day Trading: The Secret Guide To Learn Day Trading and to Find The Best Stocks to Trade is the book for you! In this book you will find out all you need to know to invest your money wisely in day trading, how to avoid scams, how to minimise risks and how to make a steady profit.

The ‘tricks of the trade’ are laid bare to you in this informative book, including:

  • How to invest, how much you will need and how much you can expect to make
  • How to set yourself up as a day trader
  • How to make short, medium and long term plans
  • How to calculate risks and potential profits
  • How to study the market
  • How to use swing trading, news trading and arbitrage
  • How to invest in and make money out of mergers, acquisitions and takeovers

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