The key to being successful at day trading is to use strategies that earn profits regardless of the direction of the market. No one can predict the direction of the market on any given day, week, or month. As such, you need to make trades that profit from the movement of securities rather than the direction they are going. In this book, we focus on how you can earn small profits each day via the usage of non-directional trading strategies.

We will also discuss how you can trade like a professional hedge fund manager no matter the size of your portfolio.

We will discuss a number of stock and option trading strategies including:

• Specialized options trades
• Specialized stock trades
• Delta neutral trading
• Covered calls
• Covered puts
• Option combination strategies
• Option spread strategies
• Dividend yield investment strategies
• Binary options trading
• Principally protected investing
• Quantitative options mechanics
• Black-Scholes Equation
• Private investments

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