Whether you are a novice or already have money in the stock market, our experts can give you the knowledge and know-how to define and refine your strategy, effectively manage your money and risk and trade consistently and profitably. We've gathered together excerpts from five of our best-selling trading and investing books to help you achieve the success you deserve.

Sample Chapter 1, from Trading Secrets: Killer Strategies to Beat the Markets and Finally Achieve the Success You Deserve, 3rd edition. Successful trader Louise Bedford demystifies the world of share trading and helps you get in on the action.

Sample Chapter 2, from Trading in a Nutshell: Planning for Consistently Profitable Trading 4th edition. Trading plan expert Stuart McPhee encourages traders to develop comprehensive, individualised trading plans based on sound methodology, solid money management and the right mindset.

Sample Chapter 3, from Invest My Way: Making Money with Blue Chip Shares on the Australian Stock Market. Renowned author and trader Alan Hull gives you the definitive guide to buying blue chip shares on the stock market using simple, low-risk strategies.

Sample Chapter 4, from The Business of Share Trading: From Starting Out to Chasing In With Trading 2nd edition. Experienced trader and author Leon Wilson knows how to make a living trading on the stock market. He shows you everything you need to know to take control and profit from an active stock market portfolio.

Sample Chapter 5, from Futures Made Simple: A Beginner’s Guide to Futures Trading For Success. Market whiz Kel Butcher outlines all you need to know to make money on the futures market.

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